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Combat Ration

Our Combat Rations are aimed at Defence and Government customers.

They are available in two variants. General purpose rations that are adapted for warmer climates and occasions when weight is not a limitation. Here, the main dishes consist of soft preserves and can be easily heated in one of our warming bags.

We also have special purpose rations, here all the dishes are freeze-dried, and the weight is lower. These are well adapted to a colder climate and need hot water to prepare.

Both variants are available in several different menus and of course also as a special diet.
The special diet menus are carefully labelled, and their labels differ in colour from the other menus.

All our rations are packed at us in Varberg, Sweden.

On the links below you will find a menu compilation and product data sheet for all products connected to our Combat Rations and food with a long shelf life.

 Product sheet




If you have any questions, please contact us directly via: info24h@compass-group-fs.com

For civilian customers, we recommend looking at our adventure packs, which are more suited to the civilian market.